Kidś set KOSU/ kids bowl “Bear”

Material: porcelain
Color: yellow
Dimensions: 300ml
Price: 30 €

Wildly Refreshing Meal offers a fairy-tale like escape to the friendly and childish world while inviting the viewer to join the table – to communicate, to laugh and to dream. It feels cosy and safe to meet the new and old acquaintances in the shadow of blueberry plants and moss. Cheerful little familiar-looking bears are welcoming us in the middle of the interwoven blueberry stems. Everyone has a unique story to tell. Dandelion seeds are floating in the air with drifting lightness, just like flying on s dreams into heights while embodying the symbol of new emerging energy. The sacredness of thought lies in the respect towards food, life and ones companions. For a child, having a meal means not only eating but a space for exchanging experience and emotions. Through common stories and activities it is possible to guide a small persons relationship towards life through which social and vital skills are being rooted.

KOSU is addressed to small children whose parents value the time spent with their child. From the point of view of child development, a small child needs ergonomic tableware – a handy cup, plates and bowls that support eating. Ene Raud-Mägi spent most of the time for developing the ergonomic design since she considered this the most important part of the whole process. Besides finding the appropriate form, Raud-Mägi also seeked for various solutions for the right look – something that would make these tell stories. Kristel Maamägi´s graphic art and her lively fantasy make a perfect accompaniment to the essence of children´s tableware. Therefore, the design by Ene Raud-Mägi and graphic art by Kristel Maamägi meet in the tableware series KOSU through the child-centered world view of both artists.