"Trick the Birds" porcelain spoons

The idea of the "Trick the birds" spoon was born in Saaremaa, at the edge of farm fields. The artist´s sketches of the fragile oats is the source for the form of the spoon. In estonian folk beliefs, "tric the birds" means some food or a piece of bread eaten before leaving the house during the early spring time. Because otherwise, the very first bird you hear will trick you. It is a kind of magic to take the piece of bread, it will neutralize the bad power of the bird. Spoons are developed together with professional chefs and has been tested in restaurant environment. The spoons "Linnupete" (Trick the birds) got a second prize and were highly acknowledged by Estonian Association of Designers on the contest "Väike Asi 2012" (Small item 2012).

Spoon amuse – boushe no. 3
Spice and amuse – boushe spoon
Dessert spoon no.1
Dessert spoon No.2
Spice spoon
Spoon amuse – bouche (NO. 2)
Spoon amuse – bouche (No. 1)